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Yoruba Cultural House
Donate Now An edifice to protect and project our culture/civilization to the world and lay the foundation of resilient institutions and self-sufficiency
Education Provide scholarships, infrastructure assistance and support education research Donate offer scholarship Health Support our Health mission trips, medication and medical supplies to hospitals. Donate Now Volunteer
Our Mission. 2022

It’s all Big when We are Raising our Helping Hands together

Being generous with the things you possess in life is a sign of a grateful and giving heart. Share your blessings with others by donating to or sponsoring one of our programs, and give the light of love to those who need it most.



We're so excited to have raised $3,386 across all of our donation campaigns. We appreciate your continued support!

Donate to Funds

Raising Funds to support our various programs and initiatives that educate, inspire, and mobilize our communities; enhance health,  end hunger and overcome hardships; and create a transformative society and for families that need help.

Education Fund

$336 of $1 million raised

Scholarship Fund

$3,050 of $200,000 raised

Health Fund

$0 of $1 million raised

Disaster Relief Fund

$0 of $1 million raised

Community Development Fund

$0 of $1 million raised

Arts & Culture Fund

$0 of $1 million raised

We Believe in The Power of A Giving Circle

A giving circle is a group of donors that come together to pool money for an organization. The circle might include friends, family members, or co-workers, and even professionals in your network.

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We encourage “Donor’s choice" to choose from whichever Cause they are passionate about or Sponsor a Project of their designation

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Fundraising Events

We periodically organize fundraising events or campaign whose primary purpose is to raise money for a cause or project. Events are also used to increase visibility and support for the foundation

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Supporting feeding the vulnerable children during  the pandemic.

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